Enrolling with Tracy for ISR Self Rescue Lessons:

STEP 1 : Fill Out Form below to be on Tracy’s wait-list for next available session time. Connect w/Tracy on FB for announcements on sessions.

STEP 2: Confirm lesson time on Tracy’s calendar and pay $300 via Cash App to hold your spot in that designated session. This fee pays for your first 3 weeks or 15 lessons. Your 2nd payment of $300, if 6 weeks is needed, is due on Monday of your 4th week. (Tracy may have you pay less for your second payment if less time is needed.) If you would like to pay in cash, you can do so on the first day of lessons and subsequently on the first day of the 4th week. For multiple children you’ll add the discounted fees to total. See concurrent sibling discount below under pricing. **Please do not pay unless you have a confirmed time on the calendar with Tracy.

STEP 3: Complete ISR National Registration 2-4 weeks before session begins. (1 time fee: $105, yearly update for refreshers is $35) Tracy will email or message this link to you when it’s time to register with ISR.

STEP 4: Begin Lessons! Refunds of initial payment to Tracy will ONLY be given for lack of RET clearance when doing the National Registration or when Tracy needs to cancel a session. Any refunds from ISR will need to be discussed directly with ISR. If you need to cancel for scheduling conflicts, we can look at future sessions to not lose your initial investment.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Please do not join a session if you have travel plans during the initial 6-7 week or 30-35 day training. If you are not able to commit to the full time frame, please wait until another session where you can.

MAKE UP LESSONS are only given for instructor cancellations and prolonged illness with Dr’s note. Please understand you are committing to a daily time that likely cannot be filled in your absence. You will need to commit to paying for your time slot even if you miss.


*No food/drinks for 2 hrs prior to lessons
*Absolutely no apples, peaches or pears during training. I can’t stress this enough. This is SO important to making floating easier! There are other “gassy” foods to avoid as well but these are the most important.
*Be positive and cheer your child on from the deck. When you show confidence in them, they’ll feel more confident. Please avoid making negative faces, sounds or gestures. If you can’t keep yourself upbeat, wear sunglasses and smile with your poker face or walk away for a few mins so as to not affect your child’s lesson negatively.

WARNING: Avoid using flotation devices for recreational swimming times. The only times you should use life jackets is when you are around lakes, rivers, ponds and the ocean. KNOW that if you choose ISR for your child and then put them back in puddle jumpers or flotation devices for recreational swimming, you are directly countering what they are learning in lessons. It is not worth investing in ISR if you continue their use for recreational swimming. In the event you choose the use of these devices during or after lessons, please know the interference they cause can result in the break down of their self rescue skills due to the vertical posture these devices create. The vertical position is the drowning position. Please do not foster this position in your child and expect to keep them safe around water. Especially, if they find themselves in the water alone.

There is no such thing as drown-proofed, watch your children around water at all times.

PRICING: Initial Training: (Floating babies only plan 3-5 weeks / Swimmers 4-7)
$100 / week
$80 / week sibling discount

Refreshers 2-3 Wks Yearly: (Some kids may only need 1 week here, talk to Tracy if you’d like to plan for 1 week.)
$100 / week
$80 / week sibling discount

Maintenance Lessons 1-2 times per month (if available)
$20 / lesson for all children, no sibling discount

Please let me know if you are a first responder family going through the initial training.

Connect w/Tracy on FB for announcements on sessions.